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Documentation Checklist - List of documents and when you need them

Account Application Form - Personal information to open account for the client

Submit together with the following documents:

 - Passport/ID/Assylum
 - Proof of Address
 - Photo of customer with ID underneath face


All of the above Plus:


 - Matric Certificate Copy


Agent Application (Merchant) Form - To be completed by agent

New Appointment Form M247 System - To be completed by Agent and Agency and send to KGE

Test for Money247 Merchants - Every new merchant have to pass the test before being appointed


All of the above Plus:


Agency Agreement/Contract - Mandatory for all Agencies (Updated 2018/07/26)




The following are optional and only submit if you do not trade in your own name:

Business account Agreement - To open a Money247 business account with multiple person access
CKI (If applicable)
Proof of address of Company
Resolution of Company - To be completed by members / shareholders
Partnership Agreement - if a Partnership
Proof of address of both Partners


Payroll Payment Solutions - Short summary of our Payroll system

Our Value to you Flyer - Some benefits for the client

Flex Card Fees - All the costs associated with the wallet and cards

Client Registration Process - Checklist for registration process

Money247 Value Proposition - For the business owner

Affidavit of Residential Address - If the client is unable to provide proof of address document

Company Profile - Money247 Company Profile (2018/07/05)

A5 Flyer - More benefits. Flyer for distribution (2018/07/05)

Procedure_Remote_Signup_V2_10July2018 - Procedure for remote signup (2018/07/12)

Amendment Form - Change of customer personal details (2018/07/31)